Tuesday, August 7, 2012

the big unveiling

 I know I promised to show you Sia's room a long long time ago and I really started to. Problem was I borrowed a camera to take the photos and then forgot all about it. So here it is.. never finished of course and if i know myself it will change alot. 
P.s. these pictures are kinda fake. She wasn't home that day and let me tell you.. she loves to go play in her room now and lets just say as a 4 year old... its just not pretty. At the moment you really cant even walk in there.

Thank you Pinterest. You suck because I waste alot of time on you but then again, I get great ideas like this. The toys are showcased in their own little pocket and not at the bottom of a box.

The only things I actually purchased for this room: paint, lamp, chandelier, and Martha Stewart boxes.

 I framed a picture of our daughter and then us as kids. She really loves it. I mean .. to her its so WEIRD we were kids too.

 I actually got the general pattern of the woods from a bathroom on Pinterest too. It took three four, five.. coats of craft paint.

 These are above her bed. I have been waiting to hang her name since she got it as a gift as a BABY! Finally! she has her own room that I can put it in. I hung it from a piece of driftwood that I picked up in the Bahamas long before she was born. A vintage pattern of girls night robes of my moms framed with scrapbook paper. Also, framed print from my neighbor who was redecorating. There we actually three but since they are actually for a nursery I chose just to keep one which is the "Mary, Mary quite contrary.." nursery rhyme. It is Sia's favorite since her first name is Mary. I opened one of the others up to use the frame and they are from a calendar!

I love Goodwill. Like, kinda obsessively. This lamp was already hot pink, half off, and perfect! The "lanterns" on this wall are from my daughters favorite movie "Tangled". Originally, they weren't part of the plan but she wanted them so bad. They still are not finished (oops). However, the bottom five are ... Sia excitedly did them! She was super pumped to be drawing on her wall with moms permission.

 My dresser re-do project. This was mine along with the bed from when I was a kid. My parents bought it at an antique store and it had already seen the prime of life. I didnt think to take a before picture but it was just plain brown stained and ugly. I changed the knobs to match her crystal chandelier and painted it with high gloss enamel yellow that my daughter picked. So far it has held up really well.. the paint is kinda indestructible.

So there yall have it.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

drum roll please.....

hi friends and family! its been a while....

yes, you may be in shock and awe but i am standing in a finally (almost) finished room! i mean 5 years isnt too long to work on a room right? well, there was that whole laundry issue, unexpectedness, building a fence, running out of money, living in a house with three rooms under construction.... WITH A KID! and plain just being lazy. i must say i am proud though... no experience necessary. just a couple books... some good friends to steal advice/tools from,  alot of patience with yourself, and tada you have a little project with lots and lots of bumps in the road, but all yours... even with the imperfections!

amazing when i look back here and here and here that this was what we lived in for quite a while but now......

walls. beautiful. clean, white. dustfree. walls. (pretend there is white trim around that doorway.. hehe)

its amazing you can take this (long patching story) .....

to this ! :) and you cant even tell a bit! well. if you dont count that ceiling sag but that is the houses fault only!

besides having a room free of paintcans, with an actual bed, and none of my daughters toys everywhere, these are my two favorite random finds.. super cheap IKEA lampshade found in the damage section and my earring holder which i made from scraps being thrown away at work! 

how does it feel to have a room after 5 years? better than you can really imagine. we have sweated, cried, sat down in anguish, cut ourselves up, laughed, went through money like crazy, learned to use power tools, and prayed that it would PLEASE end as soon as possible.

we are just gonna pretend you didnt just see that.... i'm on it after i relax in my bed a while.

wait... you must be saying.. "wasnt this supposed to be your daughter room?!!??" now, before you start thinking i got greedy wanting the new room and all. we decided to change direction. the "master" room is SO much bigger, has carpet, is far away from our newest trashy neighbors who scream.. alot., and she is comfortable there. best decision EVER! have you seen how much toys a 4 year old girl can accumulate? plus, when i think of tea parties, friends visiting, and sleepovers the big room was a much better idea.

 here is a sneak peek but more on that later....

Thursday, February 10, 2011

snow only means one thing.. PIE!

this is the face you get when you dont let your three year old bake the way she wants to

this is how you think your pie is supposed to turn out ...UNTIL you finish reading the directions AFTER the pie is almost thoroughly cooked

of course after that, you get made fun of for not reading a single direction in your life. turns out this is the upside down position the pie is supposed to be even though you did all the lattice on the front. good thing it doesnt change the taste

this is a girl who's mom lets her eat candied sugar from the dish at 10 pm at night. notice change of expression.

this is the vacuum cleaner.

*thanks to grandmother and grandaddy for the home grown alabama pecans!

Sunday, December 5, 2010

printmaking photo roll


i'm gonna wake up to a grown girl

 This morning i woke up to a text with this....

Which reminded me of this...

Which reminded me of this...

Which reminded me of this...

 Which reminded me of this...

Which reminded me of this...

Sunday, November 28, 2010

tree night photo roll

ah, madelines and cranberry sauce. yes it is possible to eat an entire recipe in one sitting. well, that is if you count the dog who scarfed the last three when no one was looking.

making paper chains with daddy

count. one, two. one more under the tree makes three. long story about how i thought the flood took our treestand. so i bought one, found one cheaper. then well came home and found the flood did nothing to my treestand.

decorator pro. even if it is on the botttom foot of the tree.

               sia doing her star hanging job                          

please someone! spike my apple cider!
this is the aftermath from arriving home from the store to find the tree toppled on the floor and a guilty dog with an ornament on the couch.  sia was horrified... that was until she saw me hystrically laughing. i know right,laughing. i couldnt beleive it either.

Monday, November 22, 2010

seem as though i may have a princess on our hands....

Monday, November 15, 2010

what happens when...

You leave your three year old unattended.

So much for the new grey porch.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

We are driving home from the grocery store and my daughter starts naming off all the food she wants to eat when she gets home.

I want Popcorn...
I want Chocolate milk...
I want Popcorn...
I want Cereal..
I want Fruit....
I want Chocolate...

I look at her in the review mirror and remind her that she chose not to eat her dinner which was spaghetti. (the reason being that it was spiral and not " real spaghetti" )

She replies " momma, I wasn't hungry for spaghetti! I was HUNGRY for chocolate milk and popcorn!!"

What can I say.

I am always just hungry for plain popcorn... With real melted butter and salt almost every night.


Saturday, November 6, 2010

meet gunner.

Introducing the newest member of the household....


I'm not sure what I've gotten ourselves into but it sure is cute!
When sia asked for a leash for her stuffed animal it was cute ... But when she played with it most of the day I started to feel sorry for her. It was then I realized it was time. We found gunners smile to be irresistible....

I think they are gonna work out just fine. :)